Pre International Travel

article by Coen Skrypnek - May 2021

Coen Skrypnek Coen Skrypnek
Pre International Travel

Eleven days untill I leave on my first ever trip to Europe… better yet, first trek outside of North/ Central America ever! I am feeling very lucky to have the opportunity to travel and compete in my sport during these times. There has been a lot of hard work done this winter.

Many hours have been spent in the gym, and on the bike, perfecting and critiquing my skills and strength to prepare for some world class racing. That being said, a lot of it felt more like fun, rather than hard work. Who says we can’t have fun while putting the work in! I find it extremely cool how everything in our lives lead up to right now, and the present moment we are in. Something I tell myself when racing is “You have done the work, you are exactly where you need to be”. This helps reassure myself that I am right where I need to be. It helps calm my nerves and put my mind to the task at hand. Now I feel like I can say this with months of evident work on hand.


Along this journey, there has been many there to support me. My father has pushed me and motivated me throughout my entire life, and it is definitely paying off. I am so appreciative of his support and commitment to helping me succeed. With this, came other connections, at first he was there to guide me in conversation with bike related companies. Then after time, lead relationships with other - per say - bigger businesses and corporations. From this, I would like to thank Thomas Chatfield - the CEO of Camber Aviation for his massive support this season, as well as Angelina, Dragan, and the developers behind Posh. I could not have asked for a better group of professionals to work with, and help me on my journey to pursue my dreams.